Figure Out Precisely What Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Are

Clarity enhancing treatments are somewhat controversial within the makeityourring diamond engagement rings business. That may be due to market associates experience as though considering diamonds will be the most revered of all gems, they mustn’t be tampered with or the recognition of the industry could be negatively impacted. If you are looking to buy a larger diamond or one with a better color, but it would be beyond your budget, getting one that is clarity enhanced is a great way to get a larger diamond for cheaper.

diamond-engagement-rings-image10 The only problem is when the seller does not disclose the information that the diamond has been enhanced – if you are made to believe you are buying a non-enhanced diamond and are paying the value of a non-enhanced diamond, but then the seller gives you a diamond that has been enhanced, that is makeityourring diamond engagement rings fraud like any other.

The term clarity refers to the grade that demonstrates the defects and blemishes of the diamond engagement rings. The stone with fewer imperfections and blemishes is considered more valuable. Brilliance could be strongly influenced by the clarity of the stone. When there are blemishes in the diamond, it can obstruct the light from reflecting inside the stone, which is the feature that gives dazzling beauty to the diamond. offers diamond engagement rings and jewelry selections along with loose diamond engagement rings with a collection of either ShireeOdiz clarity enhanced diamonds (CE diamonds) and 100% natural diamonds. Deciding upon whether or not to buy a clarity enhanced diamond has to be containing the particular know-how from the pluses and minuses of each of those possibilities.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Pros and Cons

CE Diamonds:


1. Value for money Clarity enhanced diamonds are an excellent way purchasing a more substantial diamond better color, clarity as well as carat weight, for a lower price. The diamond remains to be a proper, naturally mined diamond out of the ground which has been enhanced to extend it’s sparkle together with elegance.

2. Better Quality This clarity enhancement will certainly properly come up with a reduced clarity diamond as well as allow it to be even more beautiful, if a diamond was visibly included (imperfect) and following the treatment method, the diamond will look exquisite to naked eye.

3. Genuine Natural Diamonds As well as creative options that can be more affordable in price tag for example cubic zirconia, manufactured diamond engagement rings in addition to Swarovski crystals, clarity enhanced diamonds are really the natural diamonds. The primary problem when it comes to clarity enhanced diamonds would be that the enhancement might be impaired if exposed to serious high temps or perhaps corrosive materials. Reduced quality, bromide based enhancements can fade over time.


1. Not really 100% Natural Although they are real, natural diamond engagement rings, the point that the actual clarity is physically improved may be a mind sore. It is a psychological problem with CE diamond engagement rings in place of a physical one.

2. Enhancement might be reversible As mentioned above, it is crucial to order your clarity enhanced diamond from the dealer which will confirm the quality of the treatment after awhile and will eventually re-enhance your diamond absolutely free if anything at all comes. The fact that your enhancement might be reversed can even be deemed a bonus since in any level, the treatment can be taken off and also the diamond will be fully natural. This isn’t recommended for the reason that diamond will clearly be wonderful when using the enhancement.

3. Hard to be aware of the unique certifying The clarity enhancement might be so efficient most of the time that it can be very difficult to see the first clarity grading within the diamond was first. Hence, the actual GIA wouldn’t quality Clarity Enhanced Diamonds. Furthermore, whenever setting a CE diamond, further care has to be created whilst to not ever hurt the diamond which is quite hard to uncover it’s flaws.

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